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Have you ever wondered what makes a beach holiday unforgettable? Picture this: the serene beaches of Cabarete, with their golden sands and azure waters, where every moment becomes a cherished memory. Whether you’re building sandcastles with the little ones or just soaking up the Caribbean sun, Cabarete offers a perfect backdrop for a family vacation. Let’s dive into how you can maximize the joy of this tropical paradise.

Why Choose Cabarete?

Cabarete isn’t just a destination; it’s a gateway to an adventure that beckons families with its promise of a balanced blend of relaxation and adventure. This Dominican paradise is renowned for its dynamic watersports scene—windsurfing, kiteboarding, and surfing—drawing enthusiasts from around the world. But beyond the thrill, Cabarete offers serene spots with gentle waves and shallow waters perfect for the paddling toddler or the cautious first-time swimmer. Its natural beauty, coupled with a friendly, vibrant local culture, makes it a versatile choice for families seeking both leisure and excitement.

Best Time to Visit

Choosing the right time to visit Cabarete can greatly enhance your beach experience. The peak season, from December to April, offers dry weather and lively town activity, ideal for those who don’t mind a crowd. For families looking to enjoy a more tranquil visit, the months of May and September serve as the sweet spots—offering pleasant weather with fewer tourists. During these months, the water remains warm and inviting, and accommodations are often more affordable.

Preparing for Your Beach Day

A successful day at the beach begins with good preparation. Start by packing all the essentials:

  • Sun Protection: High SPF sunscreen, hats, and UV-protective swimwear are musts to shield your family from the sun.
  • Hydration and Snacks: Pack plenty of water and healthy snacks like fruits and nuts that can energize you throughout the day without leaving too much waste.
  • Entertainment: Beach toys for the kids and perhaps a volleyball or frisbee can keep everyone engaged. Include books or an e-reader for some relaxed downtime.
  • Comfort Items: Towels, beach chairs, and an umbrella or a pop-up tent will make your spot on the sand more comfortable and inviting.

Top Family-Friendly Beaches in Cabarete

Bozo Beach

Bozo Beach is perfect for families that love the water. Known for its excellent windsurfing conditions, it also offers calm areas for swimming and paddling. Its spacious shoreline is ideal for sandcastle building or a friendly game of beach soccer.

Cabarete Bay

At the heart of Cabarete, this beach is a hub for tourists and locals alike. The waters are perfect for swimming, and the bay is lined with an array of restaurants offering both local and international cuisine. The pedestrian-friendly beachfront is excellent for evening strolls and experiencing the local nightlife safely.

Safety First: Beach Guidelines

When enjoying the beach with family, safety should always be a priority. Always swim in designated safe areas and keep a close eye on children and elderly family members. Cabarete’s beaches can be enjoyed safely by adhering to a few simple rules:

  • Stay Near Lifeguards: Set up your beach spot near a lifeguard station whenever possible.
  • Observe Water Safety: Use life jackets for young children or inexperienced swimmers, and never swim alone.
  • Be Weather-Wise: Keep an eye on the weather conditions. Cabarete is known for sudden wind changes, which can be challenging for water sports.

Fun Beach Activities for All Ages

Cabarete offers endless opportunities for family fun:

  • Treasure Hunts: Organize a treasure hunt by burying small items for kids to find. This is a great way to keep them active and engaged.
  • Watersports: Try family-friendly watersports like paddleboarding or kayaking.
  • Creative Competitions: Host a sandcastle building contest or a creative art session using natural materials found on the beach.

Where to Eat: Family Dining Options

Cabarete’s beachfront is dotted with eateries that cater to every taste:

  • Casual Dining: Many beach shacks offer delicious, freshly caught seafood that you can enjoy right on the sand.
  • Fine Dining: For a more upscale dining experience, several high-end restaurants serve exquisite local and international dishes perfect for a family dinner.

Beachside Accommodations

From budget-friendly hostels to luxurious beachfront resorts, Cabarete offers a range of accommodations to suit any family size and preference. Many places are geared specifically towards families, offering pools, kid’s clubs, and direct beach access. Explore luxury beachside accommodations in Cabarete.

Day Trips and Excursions

Expand your adventure beyond the beach with day trips:

  • El Choco National Park: A short drive from Cabarete, this park offers hiking, cave explorations, and a chance to swim in freshwater lagoons.
  • Catamaran Trips: Book a day on a catamaran for a scenic view of the Dominican coastline, often with stops for snorkeling.

Preserving Nature: Eco-Friendly Tips

Teach your children about ecological responsibility while enjoying the natural beauty:

  • Avoid Single-Use Plastics: Use reusable water bottles and containers.
  • Participate in Beach Clean-Ups: Engage in local efforts to clean the beaches if such activities are available during your visit. Read more about eco-friendly beach activities in Cabarete.

Photography: Capturing Magical Moments

The scenic beauty of Cabarete provides perfect backdrops for family photos. Capture your moments at sunset for naturally beautiful lighting.

Local Culture and Traditions

Engage with the local community by visiting markets, enjoying street foods, and participating in local festivals, which often feature music, dance, and traditional crafts.

Essential Beach Packing List

To avoid last-minute hassles, prepare a comprehensive packing list that includes:

  • First Aid Kit: Always handy for any minor injuries.
  • Protective Footwear: Water shoes can protect against hot sand and rocky areas.

Staying Connected: WiFi and Mobile Access

Most beach establishments and accommodations in Cabarete offer good WiFi service, allowing you to stay connected and share your experiences in real-time.


Cabarete offers an ideal mix of adventure and relaxation for a family holiday. With careful planning and a spirit for adventure, your trip to Cabarete can be filled with joyful memories and exciting experiences. Don’t wait any longer; the perfect family getaway awaits you in the Dominican Republic! Explore more about family-friendly activities in Cabarete.


1. What are the top safety tips for families visiting Cabarete beaches?
Always swim in designated areas and keep a close watch on children, regardless of their swimming abilities.

2. Can you recommend any family-friendly hotels in Cabarete?
Yes, there are several family-friendly hotels in Cabarete that offer child-friendly amenities and easy beach access.

3. What are the best kid-friendly activities in Cabarete?
Besides beach activities, families can enjoy horseback riding, hiking in nearby parks, and water sports tailored for all ages.

4. How can we respect the local environment during our visit?
Use eco-friendly products, avoid single-use plastics, and participate in local clean-up events if available.

5. Are there any cultural events we should check out during our stay?
Yes, check the local event schedule for festivals that showcase Dominican music, dance, and cuisine. Enjoying these can make your trip even more memorable!

This comprehensive guide to Cabarete beaches ensures that your family’s trip will be packed with adventure, relaxation, and joy. Welcome to paradise!

Staff Writer

The Cabarete Luxury Rentals staff are long time Cabarete residents. Water sports enthusiasts, beach lovers and occasional workers, they make the most of the sun kissed lifestyle Cabarete has to offer!